Powersation with textures problems

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Powersation with textures problems

Post by AngeBabaCool on Tue Dec 22 2015, 00:58

Powerstation appeared with textures problems today.

-> Sqarres grey and a lighter one.
Was like that for me while playing xonotic long ago. It came from nexuiz, so mario did a packtage for stop it. But it still comes back today :p

What you guys think ? Maybe just delete it from server (And add another powerstation)


🔤's incomming !

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Re: Powersation with textures problems

Post by Kwakkiezalf on Tue Dec 22 2015, 18:17

I know thisbissue is there. Good thing is that in this version you get very high fps! Maybe i will delete it later again.

For now, enjoy the high fps's


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