No more clanwars???

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No more clanwars???

Post by Carontes on Mon Mar 23 2015, 17:12

Hi all guys! Ye, I'm still spamming here: and that's because I don't see more a topic on funwars forum. Why? Is this a period of peace, beauty and flowers? Very Happy Or is it a problem to find a clan to fight against?? I'm still following the forum and waiting for a new challenge and a new date to spectate a good clanwar, but there is a killing calm. Hey guys, where is gone your warrior spirit??? Very Happy
I'm still following you as a good fan, so think before doing something, I have still many contacts on Xono. I'm joking of course, I don't want to stalk you.
By the way, I hope you're still having fun in game and I'm happy to see that you're still very active on spam section Wink
See you, my stars


[DieTunichtguten] eXabyTe

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Re: No more clanwars???

Post by Kwakkiezalf on Mon Mar 23 2015, 22:22

Hey dude,

Well, it seems many of us have some other things to do .... or issues with health or internet connections.

About war, I was talking to asgar for new war against Regulars but we will need to train some first!!!!


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