[Quick Tip] Xonotic cvars

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[Quick Tip] Xonotic cvars

Post by Kwakkiezalf on Wed Feb 18 2015, 19:49


I figure I put up a list for all with the cvars availible in Xonotic 0.7.0 and Xonotic 0.8.0. There a quite a few differences in the two. This obviously creates additional tweaking ossbility in your config on our server.
You can download the cvar lists here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68255445/xonotic%20cvarlists.zip

Futhermore, there is a cool feature little know about, when you are seaching ingame for the cvar containing that one word (e.g. "record")

Type in console: apropos followed by a space an than the word u r looking for

Like  apropos record  "this will show u all the cvars that contain record"

Hope this is of some use to you guys, and special thx to MrBongo for sharing.


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Re: [Quick Tip] Xonotic cvars

Post by waschbecki on Thu Mar 05 2015, 19:13

what is cvar?


Smile, it confuses people.

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Re: [Quick Tip] Xonotic cvars

Post by Kwakkiezalf on Thu Mar 05 2015, 22:21

cvar stands for the console variables.

So all the things u can change the setting off in xono, are in essence called cvars.


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