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How to apply

Post by vega on Wed Aug 01 2012, 22:56

Welcome to our forum,

In order for element to maintain a fruitful future, we may welcome new xonotic players to our clan.

All of the following boxes have to be ticked to make a good chance of being accepted:
- you're an active xonotic player
- you're a kind and polite player
- you got the moves (yes literally, you need good moves and skill)

If you feel like you've got all of these boxes checked, register to the forum and write your application in this section. Afterwards all of the clan members will discuss your application, and vega will personally report the outcome.

A little example on how to apply:

Hi eLeMenT members,

I'm Vega, i'm 17 years old and i'm from Belgium. I mostly play ctf minsta, but sometimes also dm, kh, ft... as long as its minsta. You mainly can find me on the element server(s) and the regulars servers. I got invited by vega and i wish to join because eLeMenT is an awesome clan with friendly and skilled people. I used to be a member of the AxG clan and applied for eXile in the past

Hope to cu guys ingame,


So in your application you'll need to include:

- who invited you
- what clans you've been in
- what gamesmodes you like
- what servers you mostly play on
- why you want to join
- age
- ingame names
- where you come from
- ...

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