Server Updates 20/10/2013

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Server Updates 20/10/2013 Empty Server Updates 20/10/2013

Post by vega on Sun Oct 20 2013, 18:51

Just a little update:

- Added FT (not working completely yet)

- Added maps: 8bitctfs, dm_castle, pitchdark

- Removed maps: 70mm13dm1, af3hex_nex, cityrocket, ctf_voy2, dublhelix, dusty_v2_withradar, gameover, hub3aeroq3a_nex_r4, industrial_nex_r1, kringel_telescope_b1, cpm17_nex_r1, snowforest3, chess

- Added Godmode for bots command (only for masters because bots CANT be killed then)

- Added Hostname command to change the hostname via console, this is usefull when the server is being used for e.g. a tournament (only for masters)


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