Edited and fixed map: lazydusty/dustyfactory.

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Edited and fixed map: lazydusty/dustyfactory.

Post by Asgar on Tue Jan 22 2013, 13:14

Hey guys, I am currently working on lazydusty aka the new version called "dustyfactory".

This map actually didn't need a remake, but there was a spawnpoint of the red team in the blue base, so you could have the chance to spawn into the enemy base. Which is annoying and frustrating.

So the things I already changed:
-Changed textures of the floors, ceilings and walls.
-Changed the skybox, this is probably gonna change again.
-The spawnpoints are fixed.

Here some pictures of the current map:

I am especially trying to get better at making lights, Jizzy is gonna help me with that.

Wanna ask though, any ideas for portals, or something?
All ideas are welcome to be taken in consideration. Smile

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Re: Edited and fixed map: lazydusty/dustyfactory.

Post by vega on Tue Jan 22 2013, 18:06

Portals for this map or other maps?

You make custom skyboxes are pre made ones?


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