Just some thoughts

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Just some thoughts

Post by TigerMewX on Thu Jun 01 2017, 20:34

With the upcoming Quake Champions i thought about some classes there could be in minsta ctf just for fun

you could choose your class when you join a game

1 - attack class - higher attack speed with the gun
2 - speed class - faster hook speed
3 - tank class - extra live
4 - support class - can give allies a shield (1 extra live when they are aiming at the ally for a second and keep him focused, but lower attack speed)

and i thought about a special ability every class could have (like every 3 minutes)

1 - attack class - can see enemies through walls for a few seconds (maybe even see and shoot? - depending on balance testing, but i think that special ability is the worst out of the four)
2 - speed class - can move through walls for a few seconds (hooks still stick on walls)
3 - tank class - gets invurnerable for a few seconds
4 - support class - give all your allies on the map a shield for a few seconds)

anyways that are just fun thoughts and you're free to think about it whatever you want



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Re: Just some thoughts

Post by vega on Sun Jun 04 2017, 18:16

That actually sounds really nice! Very Happy Sadly i do think ctf minsta is a bit to fast paced to really use classes since people usually do more roles in one match. At the start they might defend and want to pick tank or support, but a few rounds in the game they might want to go attack and would prefer the speed or attack class. If it's not minsta this would be a lot more fun especially if you also bind certain guns to each class Very Happy


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