Ban for using nicks like "aids"

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Ban for using nicks like "aids"

Post by pleex on Wed Oct 12 2016, 19:59

hi plex here

so like on my topic why i cant use nicks like "aids" or waht ever

i use now 1-2 jears fake nicks like "aids" and other stupid stuff and the most people know that

and now for no reason a server admin wahts me to change nick but for waht?
(dont forget i use stupid nicks 1-2 jears and i use a lot more confronting stuff like aids okey ..

i wanna know why do you have the idea now to bann me for using "aids"

you dont have to unbann me i dont care i think but i dont get it why i got banned for this now
"replay pls from the main server admin/clan admin"

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Re: Ban for using nicks like "aids"

Post by Kwakkiezalf on Wed Oct 12 2016, 20:46

Hi pleex,

Please check our rules, and you might understand.

If choice of nick is offending to others and they kindly ask you to change, please do so instead of becoming offensive. If that is your style or way to deal with requests from fellow players, you are not welcome.

You are not banned, and you have a second chance.


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Re: Ban for using nicks like "aids"

Post by vega on Wed Oct 12 2016, 20:58

Hi plex

i'm pretty sure i've asked you a few times myself to change your nick because it can be offensive sometimes. You can choose what nicks you use but as kwakkie said, you'll have to deal with the consequenses that come with it.

Personally i don't see your nicknames as the reason why you should or would be banned. If however you get offensive towards other people and call them names, it might happen you get banned for a day. If this keeps happening we got no other choice but to ban you permanantly from the server. For now element gave you an other chance, be wise and make good use of it.




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Re: Ban for using nicks like "aids"

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